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Hi there.

If you’ve stumbled on this page you’re either wondering about me or inadvertently miss-clicked. Either way…welcome!

I am the award winning author of Woven, Book One in my Charm City Threads Series. A poet and full-time novelist, I received my bachelor of arts in accounting from the University of Maryland, then went on to earn my CPA license and work in both the public and private sectors before pursuing a passion to write.

Both Maryland natives, my husband and I are living the dream in our modern-day money pit with four children, a spoiled aussiedoodle, and one not-so-fire-breathing dragon.

When not writing, working, or wrangling pets, I can be found hiking local trails or escaping in a book at my favorite café, iced latte in hand. I’m a sucker for quirky romance, am addicted to audiobooks, and finds myself most drawn to flawed characters, raw honesty, and life’s cringiest moments.

You can visit me online at www.stephaniathompson.com

Want to know a little bit more about Woven? Check out the trailer

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Being Known
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Writers Blokke

I do hope you’ll take time to read and enjoy some of my poetry. Each piece holds a tiny sliver of my soul​ 🖤 For your convenience (and mine) I’m keeping a list of links to (most of) my published work below in alphabetical order.

Happy reading…

A Day in the Life of an Overstimulated Millenial
A Girl’s Gotta Dream
A Moment of Melancholy

Bend Over and Take it
Beck and Call Girl
Blinded Haiku


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Drowning in Reality

For Her Love
For the Love
Four-Time Mamma
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Gathered Storm

Haiku for the Quiet Soul
Heaven’s Rose
Hope: Haiku for a New Day

Need Disease

Overgrown Path

Quarantine Truth
On and On

She’s Choosing Joy
Sweet Nacre

Tangled Hair, Don’t Care
The Great Divide
The Lonely Place
The Lyrexist
The News Today
The Seed
The Silent Calling
The Stand
The War of Words

Vodka and Collagen

What I wanted to Say
What Lonely Is
What the Heart Sees
What Tomorrow Stole
Why You Should Just Let Go
Wordly Wise

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Sтepн Tнoмpѕoɴ

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